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Solar Cleaning

Having your solar panels cleaned is more important than what people realise. Cleaning your solar panels could also save you up to hundreds each year off your electricity bill.

Many substances such as dirt and grime, bird droppings, salt air and even dust will build up on your panels and in return this will stop your solar panels from working to their full potential.

Here at Global Vac all our employees are highly qualified and we clean solar panels for customers on a regular basis. We see this as an essential part of your maintenance because dirty panels can decrease your efficiency by 40%.

Having a buildup of dirt, bird droppings and grime will reduce the amount of light hitting the panel which will then decrease its output of energy. The more light that can reach your panels the more power they will produce and return save you the most money as possible on your electricity bill.

We understand that Solar Panels are not a cheap investment and some companies and manufacturers have made solar panel cleaning a condition in their warranty. Save yourself time and money and give Global Vac a call today, we offer competitive prices on all solar panel cleaning and are happy to offer all enquiries a no obligation free quote.

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