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Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning is becoming vastly popular due to its ability to thoroughly clean without using harsh chemicals. Pressure cleaning uses water in a high pressure spray to remove a wide range of different substances and grime including dust, mold, dirt, loose paint and even chewing gum.

Pressure cleaning can be used on almost all exterior surfaces with the most common being gutters, roofs, driveways, decks, pathways, car parks and even cladding. One of the many benefits of pressure cleaning is that it is a far more environment friendly way of cleaning compared to other methods which contain chemicals and toxins.

Here at Global Vac we also provide another popular method of cleaning which is called soft wash. Soft washing is different to high pressure cleaning, the main difference being the pressure is not as strong. When this method is used a biodegradable disinfected solution is placed with water to clean the dirt and grime from the surfaces. Soft washing uses a lower force of pressure at around 45 PSI which has been proven to safely clean without using excessive force.

Soft washing is more commonly used to clean surfaces such as roofs, windows and softer materials as it wont cause any damage or remove paint. Whether its high pressure cleaning or soft wash that you are after, give Global Vac a call today for a no obligation free quote.

Our Roof and Gutter Cleaning Specialists are fully equipped with the best high pressure cleaning and gutter vacuum equipment to clean and restore your roof and gutters fast and cost effectively.

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