5 Reason why you need to clean your roof gutters

5 Reason why you need to clean your roof gutters

Any homeowner will tell you that maintenance is a constant job, whether it be mowing the lawn, or vacuuming the pool out. An often-overlooked area of maintenance however is making sure your gutters are clean and clear of debris. While many dismiss (or don’t even think about) the importance of having clear gutters we thought we would take a look at 5 very important reasons of why gutter cleaning is important.


Blocked gutters cause water damage to your property

water damage in walls

Blocked gutters will obviously prevent water flowing and it has to go somewhere! Australian summer storms and the wet 2022 we just had highlight the importance of why gutter cleaning is a priority for homeowners. In many cases, when gutters a blocked, the water can flow back into the ceiling which leads to damage and mould throughout the roof including plaster and insulation damage. Not only does mould have severe health implications, the damage to the structural integrity of your ceiling may not be immediately obvious, causing a headache of a repair bill down the track.


Clean Gutters help with pest control

rat problem in roof

That’s right, dirty gutters can attract some nasties into your home. Birds, insects, and rodents are attracted to debris clogging your gutters and they can soon make a new home in your roof. While a possum in your roof may be a minor inconvenience, rats will chew through wiring, piping, and risk getting into stored foods. They are known to cause damage to furniture, clothing, and make a mess of anything they can get their teeth into!


Expand your Gutters lifespan

rust damage gutters

Keeping your gutters clean will extend their lifespan saving you thousands in repair and replacement costs. A clean gutter prevents rust and corrosion, greatly extending their lifespan. The wight from debris can put extra strain on your fixtures, causing them to break or collapse, especially in heavy rainfall.


Clean Gutters Reduce the Risk of Fires

fire damaged building

It’s hot here in Australia, and as locals to the Gold Coast and Brisbane, we know that the temperature of Aussie roofs can get up there. In our drier months, there can be a risk associated with high roof temperatures with gutters clogged with debris leading to an ignition. Dried and dead debris in gutters can cause fire to rapidly spread throughout your roof causing extensive damage to your property.


An ounce of prevention, beats a tonne of cure.

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The main reason why gutter cleaning is so important, is that you are taking action to prevent the reasons above. Our Roof and Gutter Cleaning Specialists are fully equipped with the best high pressure cleaning and gutter vacuum equipment to clean and restore your roof and gutters fast and cost effectively.

Get in touch with us today if you think your gutters are overdue for a clean.

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